The coke story so far...

Haiku 10-12-09

My soul, dilated
By the greatness of the smalls,
Swallows the red Sun.

Kundo Yumnam (c) 10-12-09

Haiku 3-12-09

"Open Happiness"
Said the coke bottle. They didn't
Have an opener.

Kundo Yumnam (c) 3-12-09

Haiku 1-12-09

On a sunless day
I felt him tap on my back;
But I was away.

With them screaming hymns;
In this neighbourhood, I am
Almost an atheist!

They erect statues
In the likeness of their foes;
To bury their guilt.

One morning I see
Five crows circling the sky.
The long dead came back.

(c) Kundo Yumnam 01-12-09

My first try at Haiku

Midnight cigarette,
Passed from your mouth to my mouth.
Amidst nothingness.

(c) Kundo Yumnam 29-11-09